Tactical Tuesdays
for Brokers

March - May 2020

Join the T3 Sixty consulting team in Tactical Tuesdays led by T3 Sixty SVP, Dean Cottrill. Join the team for 30 minutes where they will provide best practices that you can implement immediately.

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Tactical Tuesdays
for Brokers

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Key Issues

Whether its discussing controlling your expenses in a changing market or helping agent remain productive, Dean explores a different issue every week with a guest participant. 

Focused Solutions

Remaining focused is an important aspect in navigating  some of the key issues that arise. Dive into the solutions that are highlighted in the Downturn Guides and expand upon upcoming solutions.

Digestible Takeaways

Get the highlights and top takeaways on the tactical changes you can implement in your business this week. Get a fresh a different perspective every week from industry experts.

Tactical Tuesday Replays

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Benchmarking your Brokerage: Productivity Lessons from the Mega 1000

Dean and Jack discuss 3 real estate market segments and benchmarking your brokerage from some of the lessons we’ve learned from researching and compiling the Mega 1000. 

How to Recruit in a Changing Market

Recruiting is always an important component of your real estate business success. Dean Cottrill, SVP of Brokerage Consulting and Kelly White, SVP of Executive Search, discuss the 3 recruiting strategies you should be implementing no matter the market.

Broker Strategies to Help Your Agents Navigate the Current Market

Like many other real estate business brokers/owners across the country, Craig McClelland, COO of BHGRE MetroBrokers has recently had to shift the way he and his 2500 agents and 170 staff communicate and do business across his 28 offices in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Craig Mclelland joins Dean to discuss broker strategies.

Agent Archetypes: The 4 Ways Agents Make Money

Jack Miller joins Dean Cottrill to discuss what key skills and practices are needed for each of the 4 Archetypes, as well as what tools and systems are required during this unprecedented time for each of the four to successfully generate and convert leads.

Leveraging your Association and MLS

Clint Skutchan joins Dean to discuss how brokers and agents can better leverage their MLS and Association tools and resources to become a “new” market expert for your clients. Strategies discussed include Sourcing MLS data to better understand the full impacts of COVID-19 and gauge market bounce back potential; Taking advantage of Association training and advocacy insights to be

Your Merger and Acquisition Strategy

Dean Cottrill, SVP of Brokerage Consulting for T3 Sixty, and Jack Miller, President for T3 Sixty, discuss revisiting your merger and acquisition strategy.