Navigating a Downturn

Practical Solutions with T3 Sixty

Unprecedented times require decisive action. When the market plunges downward taking proactive steps will help businesses not only survive the downturn but strengthen and better position their organizations for important decisions and opportunities that lie ahead. So, to help in preparing for the downturn, T3 Sixty is creating a collection of tools and guides for you to leverage in this ever-changing market.

From Tactical Tuesdays with Dean and the Consulting Team for Brokerages and Agents. To new downturn guides on Wednesdays. From Social Thursdays with Clint and Association/MLS Leadership. To Fireside Fridays with Stefan and Jack tailored to all industry executives, or get on-on-one with Kelly in Ask T3. Let us use this opportunity to band together for the industry we love so dearly. Let’s solve problems together.

Join the T3 Sixty consulting team in Tactical Tuesdays led by T3 Sixty SVP, Dean Cottrill. Join the team for 30 minutes where they will provide best practices that you can implement immediately.

T3 Sixty is creating “Preparing for a Downturn Series,” a collection of sharable 1-2 page printable articles. Each week, more in the series is added. Topic include managing expenses, benefit resources, navigating hiring, etc.

Join us for this interactive Association/MLS “Social Connecting” session where attendees listen in, ask questions, and chat with other attendees about their own bigger picture lessons and strategies.

Meet up with Stefan and Jack at the end of the week as they explore the top issues that came up that week, the impact it has for the industry and what things you can mull over for the coming week.

Ask T3 Sixty for guidance, help, support or simply use us as a trusted confidant. From Monday, March 30, through Saturday, May 30, we are offering a consulting service to real estate brokers and agents at no cost.

Looking for something not listed here? Or are looking to take a deep dive into a new opportunity. Contact us here for general questions.